The ‘Samanvay’ is a platform which has been formed with the core intent to give acceptance to the couples who have engaged in intra/inter-community marriages specially the marriages between the Hindu Bengalis and Asamese community.

We have witnessed so many marriages in present times and also in the past between the Bengali and Assamese community. Sadly there is a social stigma or a taboo around these kinds of marriages which force the parents (in large number of cases) to abandon or no support to their children. This platform will try and interact and address their issues. ‘Samavay’ is already carrying out surveys through its volunteers in entire Assam to make a database. We have so far successfully completed the data collection of 2000 couples. According to some informal reports there are more than 5-8 lakhs such couples in entire Assam.

‘Samanvay’ can further spread the message of peace and harmony between two cultures. The relation between these two great communities has existed since so many decades. ‘Samanvay’ will build a strong brotherhood between these two communities and will further build a Strong, Robust, and Culturally Rich Assam.